Top 5 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Top 5 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident can be a very upsetting and tragic event. Statistics show that 1 in every 5 motorcyclists who are involved in accidents, gets out with some minor abrasions, bruises and bumps. In most cases the motorcyclist can end up getting some serious body harms or even die. The lack of any protective barrier between the road and the driver leaves the motorcyclist vulnerable. But a motorbike can be a safe means of transport until an accident occurs. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents include.

1. Driver inattention

Although motorcyclists have a very notorious reputation among vehicle drivers, the fact still remains that the driver is at fault most of the time and he has a better chance of walking away with no injury from an accident. Any mistake done by a car driver like texting while driving can end up causing a motorcycle accident.

2. Speed

This is actually the number one cause of motorcycle accident with no vehicle involved. Bikers tend to lose control of their motorcycle at increased speed and they are way more likely to swerve off the road & into some stationary objects. In fact accidents caused by over-speeding are the most crucial ones especially if the cyclist is drunk.

3. Inexperience

Driving a motorcycle is way different than driving a vehicle. This is because it takes more to gain your balance and drive your motorcycle than driving a car. In fact many young drivers have been killed in motorcycle accidents because they didn’t brake properly or didn’t know how to shift their body weight during turns.

4. Motorcycle malfunction

Just like vehicles, bikes are also manufactured on assembly lines and for it to work perfectly everything has to be in order. A disconnected frame or electric failure can easily cause your motorbike to veer-off course and run into an oncoming car. Faulty braking systems can make it impossible for you to stop your bike thus running into a stationary car.

5. Weather conditions

Ice and snow are dangerous to vehicles but way riskier for motorcycles. In fact many motorcycle accidents have occurred on slippery roads. Cyclists lose control on wet roads because of less traction and the more snow and ice are on the road the higher the chances of getting into an accident.So the next time your loved one heads out on his motorbike, make sure he has taken all the necessary precautions to lower the risks of being involved in an accident. Wearing the right-gear can protect you from getting serious injuries in case of an accident.

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